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With an array of colours, the aluminium slates of Venetian blinds open and close with a one-control rod. A double-ladder cord and fine ceramic parts inside the stopper help increase ease of use and maintenance.


New Ceramy 15/25

These 15 mm or 25 mm aluminium slates come with a customizable colour of baton, head and bottom rail. Our bathroom series contains aluminium parts which prevent damage from condensation.


Skylight 25

Specially catered for sloped or slanted windows, the Skylight 25 features a cable guide which allows for close adherence to the window pane, thus able to withstand strong winds in attics.


Spacy 35/50

Spacy Venetian blinds have either 35 mm or 50 mm slates operated by a cord-system. A classic head and bottom rail provides a stark contrast to allow striking base colours to be displayed.

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