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Reminiscent of classic Japanese folding techniques, Shiori pleated blinds are ideal for simple, modern living. Day and night shades operate with a single chain in perfect harmony for the ease of use throughout the day.

Pleat twin chain 5.jpg
night pleat 1.jpg


Jazz up the basic pleated blind design with prints, or choose between fabrics and textures to create a complete black-out. See-through options are also available for allure and mystique.



A truly novel and functional design, Ecosia pleated blinds close off space between the window frame and shade to offer excellent thermal insulation while concealing the visible blind strings.

Pleat twin chain 2.jpg


Our most popular design, twin single-chain pleated blinds combine the best of pleated designs. We recommend a combination of sheer and main fabric that provides lighting while reducing visibility from the outside.

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