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Clean lines and quality furnishings characterize these decorative rails, which serve to complement a wide range of interior design styles and furniture. Accesorize further to bring out the luxury and blitz to your window design.

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Legato Series

Consisting of Legato Primo and Legato Square, the cutting edge design of the latter won the Good Design Award in 2011, which is sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.


Grace Nova19

The sleek design of the Grace Nova19 features a single wooden rod with metal rings is a simple base that achieves the maximum effect of homeliness with little effort.


Art Smith II

The burnished metal appearance of the Art Smith II coupled with its ornate design combines the best of the industrialist finishes with the avant-garde creative spirit for an eclectic, vintage feel.


Corunna II

Replacing the traditional rod with a stainless steel wire helps Corunna II achieve a clean, consistent look. The bright metal furnishing keeps it looking polished to embody the spirit of minimalism.


Premium Series

For a glam touch, indulge in the premium series which offers embellished gold or bejeweled head rails. Pair these with curtain accessories to achieve the ultimate opulent look.



From arm holders, to window jewelry, tassels to tie-back hooks, small details in your curtain accessories make all the difference in creating a holistic, pulled together look.

The designs above are by no means exhaustive. Contact us if you have anything in mind and we'll find the best fit.

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